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From October 31st through November 4th of 2006 I embarked on a mission. Not only to see as many bands as possible during the CMJ festival, but to capture at least one song from each on tape. Here are my favorites, ranked 1 through 60. The ranking is more or less arbitrary since I enjoyed practically everything. I stripped this down to only the music clips, but you can read the full writeups for each band here. You can also browse all of the MP3s by day and band (and find a couple of bands that didn’t make the cut) here.

#1 ¡Forward, Russia!

Nine (live at Mercury Lounge)
Fifteen Part II (live at Mercury Lounge)
Eighteen (live at Mercury Lounge)
Seventeen (live at Mercury Lounge)
Sixteen (live at Mercury Lounge)
Thirteen (live at Mercury Lounge)
Fifteen Part I (live at Mercury Lounge)
Twelve (live at Mercury Lounge)
Eleven (live at Mercury Lounge)

Twelve (live at Fontana’s)
Seventeen (live at Fontana’s)
Eighteen (live at Fontana’s)
[intro] (live at Fontana’s)
Fifteen Part II (live at Fontana’s)

#2 Oppenheimer

M.O. (live at Tonic)
Time Loss/Gain (live at Tonic)
Nine Words (live at Tonic)
Saturday Looks Bad To Me (live at Tonic)

#3 The Hold Steady

Party Pit (live at The Annex)
Stevie Nix (live at The Annex)

#4 Land Of Talk

Summer Special (live at Pianos)
Sea Foam (live at Pianos)
Speak To Me Bones (live at Pianos)
[new song] (live at Pianos)
All My Friends (live at Pianos)

#5 Colin Meloy

O Valencia (live at Pianos)
California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade (live at Pianos)

#6 Pela

Waiting on the Stairs [acoustic] (live at White Rabbit)
No Doves Just Pigeons [acoustic] (live at White Rabbit)
Desert’s Not A Desert At All [acoustic] (live at White Rabbit)
The Trouble With River Cities [acoustic] (live at White Rabbit)
Philadelphia [acoustic] (live at White Rabbit)

#7 Birdmonster

Ice Age (live at Cake Shop)
Cause You Can (live at Cake Shop)
Skeleton Suit (live at Cake Shop)
Balcony (live at Cake Shop)

#8 Annuals

Dry Clothes (live at Fader Lounge)
Complete Or Completing (live at Fader Lounge)
Brother (live at Fader Lounge)
Carry Around (live at Fader Lounge)

#9 Silversun Pickups

Little Lover’s So Polite (live at the Puma Store)
Future Foe Scenarios (live at the Puma Store)
Kissing Families (live at the Puma Store)
Lazy Eye (live at the Puma Store)

Rusted Wheel (live at The Annex)
Kissing Familes (live at The Annex)
Lazy Eye (live at The Annex)
Common Reactor (live at The Annex)

#10 Tigercity

Solitary Man (live at Arlene’s Grocery)
Cloakrooms (live at Arlene’s Grocery)

#11 Eastern Conference Champions

The Box (live at The Delancey)
Noah (live at The Delancey)
To The Wind (live at The Delancey)

And here are two songs that I was unable to figure out titles for:
unknown 1, unknown 2

#12 The Wrens

Faster Gun (live at Skirball Center)
Hopeless (live at Skirball Center)
Happy (live at Skirball Center)

#13 The Little Ones

Face The Facts (live at Northsix)

#14 The Evening Episode

Learn Your Ps and Qs (live at Pianos)
New Love (live at Pianos)
Backstroke (live at Pianos)
Photocopied Residence (live at Pianos)
We’ll Be Read (live at Pianos)
unknown (live at Pianos)

#15 The Grates

19-20-20 (live at Knitting Factory)
Suckafish (live at Knitting Factory)

#16 Cadence Weapon

Black Hand (live at Fontana’s)
Sharks (live at Fontana’s)

#17 Thunderbirds Are Now!

198090 (live at Pianos)
We Win (Ha Ha) (live at Pianos)

#18 Via Audio

Presents (live at Fader Lounge)
[unknown] (live at Fader Lounge)

#19 The Big Sleep

Slow Race (live at The Annex)
Brown Beauty (live at The Annex)
Murder (live at The Annex)

#20 Loney, Dear

I Am John (live at Pianos)
Le Fever (live at Pianos)
The City, The Airport (live at Pianos)

#21 Casey Dienel

Embroidery (live at the Living Room)
The La La Song (live at the Living Room)

#22 Fields

Charming The Flames (live at Fader Lounge)
Heretic (live at Fader Lounge)

#23 CSS

CSS SuXXX (live at the Apple Store)
Alala (live at the Apple Store)
Fuck Bug Off Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show (live at the Apple Store)
Music Is My Hot Sex (live at the Apple Store)
Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (live at the Apple Store)
Acho Um Pouco Bom (live at the Apple Store)

Fuck Off Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show (live at Pianos)

#24 Shout Out Out Out Out

Chicken Soup for the Fuck You (live at Fader Lounge)

#25 So Percussion

White (live at Tonic)
July (live at Tonic)

#26 Casey Shea

Quincy Howzin (live at Rockwood Music Hall)
Come On (live at Rockwood Music Hall)

#27 The Thermals

St. Rosa and the Swallows (live at Fontana’s)

#28 The Carribean

[unknown] (live from The Trash Bar)

#29 Dirty On Purpose

Light Pollution (live at Sin-e)
Spider Eyes (live at Sin-e)
No Radio (live at Sin-e)

#30 Christopher Willits

Medium Blue/Love Wind (live at Knitting Factory)
Orange Lit Spaces (live at Knitting Factory)

#31 Figurines

Release Me On The Floor (live at Mercury Lounge)

#32 Archie Bronson Outfit

[unknown] (live at Mercury Lounge)
Dart For My Sweetheart (live at Mercury Lounge)

#33 What Made Milwaukee Famous

Mercy Me (live at Bowery Ballroom)
Sweet Lady (live at Bowery Ballroom)

#34 Eliot Lipp

[unknown] (live at The Annex)

#35 The Undisputed Heavyweights

Mr. Murphy (live at Pianos)

#36 Frida Hyvönen

Once I Was A Serene Teenage Child (live at Skirball Center)
Straight Thin Line (live at Skirball Center)
Oh Shanghai (live at Skirball Center)

#37 Cold War Kids

Every Valley Is Not A Lake (live at The Annex)
Hang Me Out To Dry (live at The Annex)

#38 Slowlands

Crooked Crown (live at Pianos)

#39 The Changes

Modern Love (live at Fader Lounge)

#40 Tokyo Police Club

Box (live at The Annex)
Shoulders And Arms (live at The Annex)

#41 The Tyde

Do It Again, Again (live at Fader Lounge)
Brock Landers (live at Fader Lounge)

#42 IV Thieves

All The Time (live at Fader Lounge)
You Can’t Love What You Don’t Understand (live at Fader Lounge)

#43 Hotel Lights

Marvelous Truth (live at Tonic)

#44 The Carter Administration

[unknown] (live at Arlene’s Grocery)

#45 Lo Fi Fnk

The End (live at Fader Lounge)
The End (live at Fontana’s)

#46 Benjy Ferre

[unknown] (live at Mercury Lounge)

#47 Scanners

Changing Times (live at The Annex)

#48 Irving

Care I Don’t Care (live at Pianos)

#49 Forget Cassettes

Venison (live at Pianos)

#50 Oxford Collapse

All The Boys Go Home Alone (live at Fontana’s)

#51 Girl Talk

[excerpt] (live at Mercury Lounge)

#52 Humanzi

Diet Pills and Magazines (live at Fader Lounge)

#53 The Knife

Forest Families (live at Webster Hall)

#54 Rejectionist Front

[unknown] (live at Arlene’s Grocery)

#55 Oh No! Oh My!

[unknown] (live at Fader Lounge)

#56 120 Days

I’ve Lost My Vision (live at Mercury Lounge)

#57 O’death

[unknown] (live at The Delancey)

#58 The Whigs

[unknown] (Live at Mercury Lounge)

#59 Sandi Thom

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (live at Mercury Lounge)

#60 Hello Stranger

[unknown] (live at Mercury Lounge)



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The Hype Machine

Recent Shows


I finally saw The Dismemberment Plan and my life is complete. Enjoy the archives.

Past Shows


8/28 The National Rifle [KFN]

8/15 !!! [East River Park, NY]

7/24 Cap'n Jazz [Starlight Ballroom]

7/2 Busses [Johnny Brenda's]

6/24 Wakey! Wakey! [North Star Bar]

6/25 - 6/26 Northside Festival (Marie Stella, The Grates, Dinosaur Feathers...) [Brooklyn]

6/22 Villagers [FUC - Chapel]

6/16 The Most Serene Republic, Annuals [North Star Bar]

6/2 The Futureheads, The Like [FUC - Basement]

5/2 The Album Leaf [FUC - Sanctuary]

5/5 Bear Hands [World Cafe Live]

4/10 Pilam Human BBQ (Algernon Cadwallader, These United States)

4/9 Freezepop, Cannon Logic [North Star Bar]

4/2 Band of Skulls, The Whigs [North Star Bar]

3/16 - 3/21 SXSW (Octopus Project, The Megaphonic Thrift, Local Natives, We Were Promised Jetpacks...) [Austin, TX]

2/19 Memory Tapes, Neon Indian [Making Time - Voyeur]

1/22 Freelance Whales, Animal Tropical [KFN]

1/21 Savior Adore, Circadian Rhythms [KFN]

1/14 River City Extension [North Star Bar]


12/4 The Wrens [Maxwell's]

12/2 Jaguar Love [Mercury]

11/29 Zero 7 [TLA]

11/17 J TIllman [FUC - Chapel]

10/20 - 10/24 CMJ [New York]

9/12-9/13 Monolith [Denver, CO]

8/28-8/30 After The Jump Fest [Littlefield]

8/14 Starlight Mints [North Star Bar]

8/8 A Crimson Grail for 200 Guitars [Lincoln Center]

7/18 Siren Fest [Coney Island]

7/16 Rit Mo Collective [Chris' Jazz Cafe]

6/26 The Most Serene Republic [North Star Bar]

6/11 - 6/14 Northside Festival

6/5 White Rabbits [Johnny Brenda's]

5/30 Jodienda [The Glass Door]

5/29 Pet Ghost Project, Dinosaur Feathers, Quiet Loudly [Fontana's]

5/23 United Nations [Delancey]

5/21 White Rabbits, Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Antlers [Bowery]

5/20 St. Vincent, Pattern Is Movement [Webster]

5/15 Marie Stella, Coyote Eyes [Portland, ME]

5/9 The Lisps [Joe's Pub]

5/8 Mono [Society for Ethical Culture]

5/3 No Doubt [Bamboozle]

5/2 The Get Up Kids [Bamboozle]

5/1 The Beets, pow wow! [Red Star Bar]

4/22 Into The Presence [Pianos]

4/18 The Life and Times [Webster Studio]

4/16 Middle Distance Runner [The Annex]

4/15 Nada Surf [Bell House]

4/10 The Wrens [Bell House]

4/2 Asobi Seksu [Bowery Ballroom]

3/17 SXSW

3/13 The Wrens / Titus Andronicus [Bowery]

3/6 The Bird and The Bee [Bell House]

3/5 Antlers / The Physics of Meaning [Union Hall]

2/28 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Bowery]

2/27 Uninhabitable Mansions / Spacecamp [Union Hall]

2/26 Bell Orchestre / Clogs / Brooklyn Phil [BAM]

2/26 Tally Hall / Oppenheimer [Union Hall]

2/25 Ben Kweller [Town Hall]

2/23 Jimmy Eat World [Terminal 5]

2/18 Sam Roberts Band [Bowery Ballroom]

2/17 Fugiya & Miyagi / School of Seven Bells [LPR]

2/2 Frightened Rabbit [LPR]

1/26 Beirut [Coco66]

1/3 Holy Moly [Pete's Candy Store]


10/8 Barbara Morgenstern [Galapagos]

9/20 My Bloody Valentine [Roseland]

9/11 Land Of Talk [Mercury]

8/25 Lykke Li [LPR]

8/22 Lykke Li [Amoeba - Hollywood]

8/22 Radiohead [Hollywood Bowl]

8/20 Broken Social Scene, Menomena [Sunset Junction]

8/15 Manuel Göttsching [Lincoln Center]

7/31 The Long Winters [Castle Clinton]

7/24 Ambulance LTD [Bowery]

7/18 Deerhoof, Metropolis Ensemble [Prospect Park]

7/17 Ted Leo [Castle Clinton]

6/26 Devo [McCarren Pool]

6/21 After The Jump Fest [Williamsburg]

6/19 Man In Grey's farewell show [Delancey]

6/4 M83 [Bowery]

5/29 Hello Eden [Rebel]

5/28 Birdmonster [Mercury]

5/2 Stars of the Lid [Good Shepherd Church]

4/17 Gelsey Bell [Goodbye Blue Monday]

4/3 Helio Sequence [Bowery]

3/21 Jens Lekman [Hollywood, CA]

3/18 The Lisps [Los Angeles, CA]

3/12-16 SXSW [Austin, TX]

1/27 Laura Veirs [Union Hall]

1/16-17 Wordless Music Orchestra (Adams, Bryars, Greenwood) [St. Paul the Apostle]


12/20 Wakey! Wakey!, Jason Joseph [Arlene's]

12/14 The Most Serene Republic [Mercury]

12/13 Cake, Brazillian Girls, Oakley Hall [Terminal 5]

12/12 Wakey! Wakey!, Jukebox the Ghost [Mercury]

11/28 Max Richter, Cepia, Assaff Weisman [Good-Shepherd Faith Church]

11/10 Mum, Hauschka, Bing and Ruth [Society for Ethical Culture]

11/9 Mum, Torngat [St. Paul the Apostle]

11/3 Grizzly Bear, Michael Harrison [Society for Ethical Culture]

10/16-20 CMJ (Spoon, The Octopus Project, The Most Serene Republic, Saturday Looks Good To Me,1900's, Biffy Clyro, Freezepop...)

10/5 Nico Muhly, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Sandro Perri [Good-Shepherd Faith Church]

9/24 Beirut, Colleen [Society for Ethical Culture]

9/21 The Most Serene Republic [Union Hall]

9/20 Beirut, Fifth Veil [Brooklyn Masonic Temple]

9/15 Do Make Say Think [The Middle East, Boston]

9/14 Do Make Say Think, Electric Kompany [Society for Ethical Culture]

8/29 Feist [McCarren]

8/25 After The Jump Festival [Studio B]

8/23 The Rentals [Nokia]

8/21 The New Pornographers [Bowery]

8/19 Wolf Parade [Warsaw]

8/12 Junior Senior [Soundfix]

8/12 Ted Leo/Pharmacists, The Thermals [McCarren]

8/9 Daft Punk [Keyspan]

7/28 Benni Hemm Hemm [Union Hall]

7/23 Eastern Conference Champions [Pianos]

7/4 The New Pornographers [Battery Park]

6/11 Feist [Town Hall]

6/2 Man In Grey [Union Hall]

5/12 LCD Soundsystem [Studio B]

5/8 The Shondes, Beat Radio [Delancey]

5/5 Arcade Fire, The National [Tower Theater]

4/30 The Books [Society for Ethical Culture - Wordless Music Series]

4/24 Pela [Mercury]
Wakey Wakey, Casey Shea [Pianos]

4/14 Cloud Cult, Young Galaxy [Mercury]

4/12 Eastern Conference Champions [Union Hall]

4/2 Amiina, Eluvium, Gilles Vonsattel [Good Shepherd Faith Church - Wordless Music Series]

3/31 The Long Winters, The Broken West [Mercury]

3/28 Menomena [Bowery]

3/23 Toca Loca, Polmo Polpo, Social Music Work Group [Good Shepherd Faith Church]

3/14-3/18 SXSW

3/9 Matt & Kim, Professor Murder [Bowery]

3/7 Mirah, The Blow [NYU]

3/1 Thunderbirds Are Now!, Tigercity [Knitting Factory]

2/20 Explosions In The Sky [Society for Ethical Culture]

2/19 Explosions In The Sky [Warsaw]

2/18 Malajube, Rock Plaza Central [Mercury]

2/17 The Muggabears, Please Dept [The Delancey]
Gelsey Bell [Vivaldi Cafe]

2/16 The Arcade Fire [Judson Memorial Church]
Pela [Mercury]

2/11 Steven Malkmus and the Jicks [Maxwell's]

2/10 Sure Juror [Pianos]

1/30 Peter, Bjorn and John [Bowery]

1/27 Liam & Me, The GoStation, White Rabbits, Seth Kallen + The Reaction [Sin-e]

1/19 The Wrens [Knitting Factory]

1/18 The Hold Steady [Northsix]

1/13 Gil Mantera's Party Dream, Free Blood [Knitting Factory]

1/6 Matt & Kim, Meneguar, Aa [Studio B]


12/20 Bridges & Powerlines [Pianos]

12/16 Rainer Maria, Pela, Daylight For The Birds [Bowery]

12/15 Bell, Lismore, Theives Like Us, The Ballet [Delancey]

12/13 Bound Stems, Ra Ra Riot, The Muggabears [Sin-e]

12/09 Oxford Collapse [Northsix]

11/28 ¡Forward, Russia! [Bowery]

11/22 The Hold Steady [Warsaw]

11/20 The Little Ones, Small Sins [Mercury Lounge]

11/15 A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Andrew Bird [GSF Church]

11/14 Bad Viens [Knitting Factory]

11/13 Modest Mouse [Nokia]

11/10 The Shondes [Brooklyn Lyceum]

11/6 Voxtrot [Bowery]
Cloud Cult [Knitting Factory]

10/31 - 11/4 CMJ [Everywhere]

10/21 Maritime, Bound Stems [Mercury]

10/17 TV On The Radio, Grizzly Bear [Irving]

10/15 Okkervil River, Sam Champion [Bowery]

10/14 Okkervil River, Elvis Perkins [Bowery]

9/30 Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond [Town Hall]

9/29 Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond [Town Hall]
The Long Winters [Bowery]

9/27 The Big Sleep, The Rogers Sisters, The Occasion (Movable Hype 9.0) [Spiegeltent]

9/26 O'Death, DraculaZombieUSA (Beg Yr Pardon #9) [Delancey]

9/18 Wordless Music Series (Glenn Kotche & Nels Cline, Jenny Lin, Elliot Sharp) [GSF Church]

9/15,16,17 Austin City Limits Festival (Explosions In The Sky, Okkervil River, The Long Winters, Nada Surf, Ben Kweller, Ted Leo, Stars, The New Pornographers, Husky Rescue, What Made Milwaukee Famous...)

9/13 The Grates [Pianos]

9/12 The Dears, The Grates [Bowery]

9/3 Mono, Fridge [Bowery]

9/2 Explosions In The Sky [Bowery]

8/31 Asobi Seksu, Say Hi To Your Mom, Cassettes Won't Listen [Maxwell's]

8/29 Casey Dienel, Inlets [Union Hall]

8/25 Ted Leo (free) [South Street Seaport]
Beirut [Mercury]

8/24 My Brightest Diamond [Speigeltent]

8/23 826NYC benefit w/David Byrne, Sufjan Stevens, John Roderick [Beacon Theater]

8/21 The Diggs, Slowlands [CBGB]

8/18 The Mugs, The Isles [Union Hall]

8/17 Takka Takka, Slowlands [Union Hall]

8/12 Sleater-Kinney, The Thermals [Portland, OR]

8/8 The Long Winters [Mercury Lounge]

8/7 Silversun Pickups [Union Hall]

8/4 Hot Chip [South Street Seaport]

8/3 The New Pornographers [Summerstage]

7/23 Pretty Girls Make Graves [McCarren Park Pool]

7/21 Jens Lekman, Beirut [Bowery]

7/19 Jens Lekman [Mercury]

7/15 Casey Shea [Knitting Factory]
Siren Fest [Coney Island]

7/14 My Brightest Diamond [Joe's Pub]

7/13 Okkervil River [Castle Clinton]
Oh No! Oh My!, The Big Sleep [Supreme Trading]

7/11 Movable Hype 8.0 [Knitting Factory] w/ Takka Takka, Femme Generation, Goes Cube

7/9 Cursive [Mercury]
Les Savy Fav [McCarren Park Pool]

7/7 The Undisputed Heavyweights [Rockwood]

7/6 Broken Social Scene [Prospect Park]
Mates of State [Castle Clinton]

7/4 Belle & Sebastian [Battery Park]

6/30 Birdmonster, Tally Hall, The Talk [Sin-e]
Matt Pond PA, Voxtrot [Prospect Park]

6/29 Land of Talk, Tokyo Police Club, The Ballet [Syrup Room]

6/28 Gil Mantera's Party Dream [Knitting Factory]

6/27 The Grates [Mercury]

6/25 The Undisputed Heavywights [Rockwood]

6/22 Asobi Seksu [Mercury]

6/17 Beirut [SoundFix]

6/15 Saturday Looks Good To Me [Northsix]

6/14 !Forward, Russia! [Mercury]

6/13 Eels, Smoosh [World Financial Center]
The Boy Least Likely To [Knitting Factory]

6/11 !!! [Northsix]

6/6 Nada Surf, stellastar* [Starlight Ballroom]

6/2 Radiohead [Tower Theater, Philly]

5/27 & 5/28 Sasquatch Music Festival [The Gorge, WA]

5/22 Art Brut [Soundfix]

5/20 Pela [brooklyn rooftop]

5/19 Land of Talk, Slowlands [Mercury Lounge]
Land of Talk, Dr. Dog (KEXP in NYC) [Gigantic Studios]

5/17 Art Brut, Art Brut 47 (We Are Scientists) [Knitting Factory]

5/12 White Rose Movement [Bowery Ballroom]

5/10 Nada Surf (acoustic) [Mercury Lounge]

4/25 Jamie Lidell [Bowery Ballroom]

4/21 The Undisputed Heavyweights, Cloud Cult [Arlene's Grocery]

4/17 Cloud Cult [Knitting Factory]

4/11 Art Brut, The Rogers Sisters [Southpaw]

4/10 Wolf Parade [Webster Hall]

4/9 Voxtrot, Irving [Mercury Lounge]

4/7 The Hold Steady [Warsaw]

4/5 Art Brut, Gil Mantera's Party Dream [Bowery Ballroom]

4/4 Art Brut, The Ponys [Bowery Ballroom]

4/1 Dream Theater [Radio City Music Hall]

3/31 Nine Black Alps [Bowery Ballroom]

3/30 Editors, The Big Sleep [Webster Hall]

3/28 Editors, stellastarr* [Warsaw]

3/22 The Go! Team [NorthSix]

3/21 Magnet [Living Room]

3/11 Belle & Sebastian, New Pornographers [Riverside Theater, Milwaukee]

3/8 The Wedding Present [Bowery]

3/2 Ted Leo/Rx [The Hook]

2/11 Gelsey Bell [Cafe Vivaldi]

2/10 Feist, Mates of State, Jason Collett [Webster]

2/9 Jason Collett [Mercury]

1/27 Broken Social Scene [Webster]

1/16 Nine Black Alps [Mercury]

1/14 Sufjan Stevens [Lincoln Center/Allen Room]

1/12 Tapes 'N Tapes, Sam Champion [Rothko]

1/11 Imogen Heap [Avalon]

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